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Roland RD 800 Review – Is The RD 800 A Good Choice?

Roland is renowned for producing top-of-the-line instruments, and the RD 800, the flagship of the Roland stage pianos, is one of the best they have ever made. The RD 800 has everything that makes a digital piano great, including a realistic key action and excellent piano sound, as well as all the hundreds of powerful […]

Roland RD-300NX Review – Is The RD-300NX Worth Buying?

Very similar to Roland’s RD-700NX, a digital piano that is highly popular with those using it for stage performances, the RD-300NX packs most all of the same features, making it an excellent piano to consider, particularly for stage use. At 17.2 kilograms, the RD-300NX is light enough to comfortably transport it as frequently as necessary, […]

Roland F-120 Review – An In-Depth Look At The F-120

Roland has been creating high-priced digital pianos for those who want the best sound and feel for many years. Unfortunately, the pianos come with a hefty price tag that most people simply cannot justify. To fill this gap, Roland has introduced the F-120, a piano that still has many of the great features found on […]

Roland JUNO-DS88 Review: Is the JUNO-DS88 A Good Choice?

Roland JUNO-DS88 is a multifunctional 88-Key synthesizer which has a range of useful features such as new vocal effects, hammer-action keys, waveform expansion capability, improved pianos, and Phrase Pads, etc. When using this music synthesizer, you can download more than 1,000 free sounds including top-notch acoustic piano collections, percussion and loops which you can load […]

Which is the Best Roland Digital Piano?

Roland produces some of the finest, most well-crafted digital pianos on the market today. Because of this, Roland digital piano reviews praise the instruments for their sound, realism, and overall quality. In this short guide, we will take a look at the top Roland pianos to help you find the best Roland pianos for sale […]