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Best Digital Keyboard Pedals

Digital keyboards are known for producing a wide variety of rich sounds. However, to get a full and dynamic sound, you need the help of pedals. A sustain pedal helps you to hold down your notes which helps to boost your performance. A lot of people are using digital pianos since they’re cheaper, convenient and […]

M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini Review: Is The M-Audio AIR Mini A Good Choice?

M-Audio Axiom Mini is created with a compact design to enable you create music while on the move. It is easy to travel and setup the device that comes with 32 responsive keys that ensure you get a rich and high quality sound. As a portable controller, there is so much you can achieve from […]

Digital PIANO vs Digital KEYBOARD vs Synthesizers

One of the biggest topics of confusion in the world of digital pianos is the differences between digital piano and keyboard instrument types. Throw synthesizers into the mix and the distinctions become even more unclear. While there are some similarities between these instruments, there are some key differences as well, and which type will be […]

Best Keyboards With Weighted Keys

Weighted keys is a vital feature and advantage that comes with any digital keyboard. However, many people have no idea how to find the best piano keyboard model with weighted keys. Nowadays, it’s challenging to find the best piano with weighted keys, reliable components and the best quality sound. With lots of models flooding the […]

How Much Does a Good Piano Cost?

Are you planning to invest in a piano and want to know how much a good piano costs? Fortunately, there is a lot of information you can find on the internet to help you have an idea of how much you need to spend. Pianos can be affordable or extremely expensive depending on the requirements. […]

5 Best Pianos For Toddlers

The piano is an awesome instrument especially for kids who are just beginning to show interest in music. If you want your child to take piano lessons, it is recommended to get them a kids piano as going to lessons without a keyboard makes it difficult for your child to grasp key piano playing skills. […]

5 Most Expensive Pianos In The World

A piano is among the most popular musical instrument. The piano creates any type of music and you can find many pianists who are talented. Since centuries before, many renowned musicians proved their prowess and carried the piano everywhere they toured. Many famous artists paid a fortune to acquire their personal pianos they used during […]

How Much Does Piano Tuning Cost?

  Despite its size, a piano is well crafted instrument joined together by numerous delicate parts that change to respond to how the piano is being used and the prevailing climate. If well maintained, a piano can retains its quality and sound for many years. If you need to keep your piano in good condition, […]

Best Dueling Piano Songs

Do you know that the dueling piano is an entertainment style that takes its roots from the 1890s? Nowadays, there is a huge resurgence of dueling piano bars where patrons get to request a wide collection of the best dueling piano songs. This trend is popular in many huge cities around the world where dueling […]

Best Piano Songs for Beginners

The most challenging stage for anyone learning the piano is mastering the fundamentals. Before moving to more advanced piano pieces, beginners need to grasp the basics. Practicing can be boring especially if you lack variety and only keep playing the same pieces over and over again. Understanding piano techniques such as arpeggios, staccatos and concepts […]