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Before You Buy: Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard Review

When you are a new pianist just finding your way, the crazy world of pianos can feel confusing and overwhelming. Until you have had your fair share of pianos and are a more experienced player, it is tricky! How do you decide which features are really important to you? One easy starting point is to […]

Kurzweil CGP220W Mini-Grand Piano Review

Looking for an incredible piano? If you love the look and sound of a grand piano but are looking for a slightly smaller size and more affordable price tag, we’ve got you covered. For a premium quality pick, you need to check out mini grand piano options. Before you buy, of course, you have got […]

Artesia AG-28 Micro Grand Digital Piano Review

Are you looking for the ultimate digital piano? If you are searching for the perfect blend of elegant beauty and state-of-the-art tech, there’s no doubt that the Artesia AG-28 has caught your eye. But is it worth the hefty price tag? Before you buy, you’ve got to check out our Virgin Musical Instruments Artesia AG-28 […]

Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer Review

Looking to take your sound to the next level? We have got you covered! It is time to check out the Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer. This compact analogue hardware synthesizer from the famous Arturia brand is the miniature version of their larger MiniBrute option. While a lot of pros are calling it a top pick, […]

The 5 Most Famous Schumann Pieces

Music plays a very important role in our life. Moreover in the modern world are highly valued works of composers from the past. Robert Schumann born in 1810 was a popular composer who lived in the romantic era and had an interesting early childhood. His journey in music began very early and at only seven […]

Best Synthesizer Under $1000

Do you need a good synthesizer at a reasonable price? Don’t worry as there are cool synthesizers out there for less than $1,000 price tag that will charm your imagination. If you thought you can’t get your hands on an affordable best synthesizer under $1,000, you’re wrong. We take a look at the some of […]

Top 5 Best Pianist in the World

The piano is one of the most famous musical instruments that commands immense respect to date. To be honest, it’s impossible to find an accurate list for the world’s best pianist as there are so many successful individuals who are world renowned. In addition, there are many factors you have to consider before classifying pianists. […]

8 Composers with Crazy Behaviors

Of course everyone knows about the composers for their work and their talent, but not everyone knows about the skeletons in their closet. Aside from their immense talent and creativity, we have accounts of composers whose weird behaviors stunned many. Of course composers are human too and nobody could expect them to live perfect lives. […]

Best Piano Recording Equipment

Recording a piano is not a simple task especially if you lack the knowledge of how it should be done. One of the biggest challenges people face when recording a piano is how to position the microphone effectively to only capture what you want to hear. Additionally, when sound is produced by the entire body […]

Best Synthesizer Under $2000

Investing in a powerful, dynamic and versatile synthesizer is a great idea especially if you’re looking for good performance and adaptability. While there are numerous types of synthesizers priced differently, it is important to know the features you’re looking for in order to make the best decision. With a budget of $2000, you’re guaranteed to […]