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Famous Blind Piano Players & Blind Musicians

The phenomenon of blind musicians who still play as well as the masters is an astounding subject. A blind piano player has a distinct disadvantage against a sighted one, yet in spite of this there are plenty of examples of famous blind musicians. While there are many blind pianists and musicians in the world, here […]

Best Digital Piano Key Actions

There are a lot of different terms thrown around when describing the key action (how the keys respond when engaged) of digital pianos. In order to better understand which key action you should look for when purchasing a digital piano to best suit your needs, we’ve provided a list of easy to understand definitions for […]

How To Buy a Digital Piano. Digital Piano Buying Guide

Choosing a digital piano is a very difficult task, it must be based primarily on the needs of a particular musician and the intended purpose of the instrument, and, importantly, on the budget, since the difference in the cost of digital pianos can be quite tangible. To help with this, we’ve created a simple, step-by-step guide […]

Digital Pianos vs. Acoustic Pianos – A Piano Teacher’s Perspective

When it is hard to find traditional pianos, everyone can find digital pianos which are available all time. Digital pianos provide many benefits for players of all skill levels, but acoustic pianos still feature various aspects that are not easily matched in a digital instrument. Many piano instructors struggle to decide on which instrument they feel is better for […]

Used Digital Pianos: Should You Buy One?

Today we have a huge variety of new pianos avaliable on the market. This availability leads to an important question: should you consider purchasing a used digital piano? In short, it’s probably not the best option. To better illustrate this point, we’ll take a look at the top three reasons why purchasing a used digital […]

Maintaining Your Digital Piano

While one of the major benefits to purchasing a digital piano is that they require much less maintenance than a traditional piano, there are still several things you will want to regularly take care of (and several things you will want to avoid) if you want to keep your digital piano in prime condition. In […]

Best Digital Piano Brands

As it happens there are brands leaders and brands are outsiders. Buying a famous brand piano you are more likely to get a really high quality product. If you are searching for a new digital piano, consider purchasing from one of these best digital piano brands. TOP SEVEN DIGITAL PIANO BRANDS CASIO Casio is a […]

Digital piano for beginners: which one to buy?

Every person who is going to buy a piano, no matter for learning or performance, faces a very difficult choice, because today there are an incredibly large number of different digital pianos, and choosing one of them is not an easy task. This simple Digital Piano for Beginners Guide will take you through everything you […]

Digital Piano Sizes

Thanks to digital pianos more people can play the piano. As you likely know, there are tons of benefits to digital pianos. However, to begin with, do you actually know what a digital piano is, including the various sizes that are available? Do you understand the differences between digital piano sizes sizes, as well as […]

Best Keyboard for Beginners – Electronic Keyboard Reviews

Cheap piano keyboards can make a great instrument for a beginner who is just learning to play the piano. These affordable, portable instruments can provide a great key action and realistic piano sound, if you choose the right one. In order to find the best portable keyboard, you will want to read through several electronic […]